nateNathan Benoit Executive Director

Meet Nathan Benoit our Executive Director here at Bristol House Memory Care. Nathan has been in the senior living field for over 10 years, working in many different departments. His goal is very simple in life wanting the best for everyone from his residents to his staff and most importantly his family. Nathan has a wonderful wife named Jillian and a beautiful baby girl named Nylah. When not at work you can find Nathan listening to music, playing basketball and having fun with his family. When talking with Nathan about why he loves what he does he said, “The best feeling is when a resident tells you that you are their number one person or that they love you -- it’s honestly the best!”



ashleyAshley Nesbitt Director of Nursing

Meet our Director of Nursing Ashley Nesbitt. She has been in this field for over 7 years. The reason she fell in love with this field is because of her grandmother, who was also a nurse until she was 73 years old. She looked up to her grandmother and admired her for all that she had done. Ashley wanted to make an impact as well and be a helping hand to all. When she is not at work you can find Ashley spending time with her 3 kids Natalia, Aubrelle, and Jayceon. She is also very big in volunteering with her church on the weekends. When I asked Ashley why she loves what she does she said, "I enjoy being able to make an impact on someone's life and being a listening ear for those who need it."



sarahSara Ganoe Resident Care Coordinator

Meet one of our resident care coordinators Sara Ganoe. She started off as a MedTech/caregiver here and eventually was promoted. She has always had a passion for caring and being that shoulder to lean on for anyone that needs it. Her goal here at Bristol House is to make every resident feel like this is their home. When not at work you will find Sara hanging out with her fiancé Josh and trying new recipes to cook. She also has a dog named Baxter that they adopted and is three years old. When talking to Sara about why she loves what she does she said: “I love when the residents will look at you and just say thank you for helping them even when it’s something small.”



roRoneisha Mayo Resident Care Coordinator

Meet our 2nd Resident Care Coordinator Roneisha Mayo. Roneisha started here at Bristol House Memory Care as a MedTech/Caregiver. She has been in this field for three years going on four years. Her passion has always been caring for others. Roneisha’s goal here is to be the support system for our residents here. She wants our residents to know they are not alone. When not at work she is either focused on schoolwork or spending time with her family. When talking with Roneisha about why she loves what she does she said “It gives me so much joy when my residents confide in me, tell me how much they appreciate my help and that they love me. Even when they forget me, they remember me and to me, that is the most rewarding feeling ever.”

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