What Is "Community HealthChoices (CHC)"?

COMMUNITY HEALTHCHOICES (CHC) is Pennsylvania’s mandatory managed care program for dually eligible individuals and individuals with physical disabilities — serving more people in communities, giving them the opportunity to work, spend more time with their families, and experience an overall better quality of life. CHC will improve services for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians.

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10 Healthy Eating Tips for People Age 65+

Making healthy food choices is a smart thing to do—no matter how old you are! Your body changes through your 60's, 70's, 80's, and beyond. Food provides nutrients you need as you age. Use these tips to choose foods for better health at each stage of life.

1. Drink plenty of liquids
With age, you may lose some of your sense of thirst. Drink water often. Low-fat or fat-free milk or 100% juice also helps you stay hydrated. Limit beverages that have lots of added sugars or salt. Learn which liquids are better choices.

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Socialization Is Key to Healthy Aging

Pennsylvania is one of the states with the highest populations of seniors. Locally in the Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia areas there are many activities and programs to keep older adults safe. Depending on many factors a senior can get to a stage in life where it is not healthy for them to be at home alone. These things include mobility (inside and outside the home), proper nutrition, mental health, medication management and more. A major factor that is often overlooked is the need for humans to socialize. Socialization is good for the spirit, and for some individuals it is a vital part of their life.

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Understanding Grandparents with Dementia

One of the greatest joys in life is the relationship between a grandchild and grandparent. Unfortunately, not every child has the opportunity to spend time and really know their grandparents. This is attributed to several factors including having a deceased grandparent, geographic separation, and increasingly more common --- the effects of dementia.

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