December is full of activities

December is a spirited month full of gatherings and activities. Life for residents at Bristol House Memory Care is no different. We keep residents engaged and working towards their goals with many activities. Click below to see our activities.

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Facing Five Facts About Caregiving

Twisted buildingDementia and Alzeheimer’s are frightening words. When that diagnosis is made, patients and caretakers alike know their life has changed, and there are a lot of consequences to consider. The thought of “locking away” Mom or Dad in a “home” seems grim indeed.

In a sense, attitude is everything in the world of dementia care, whether you are a patient, family member, or trained professional caregiver. It may not be as grim and challenging as you expect, and you can prepare for the future by educating yourself about dementia and maintaining a positive but realistic attitude. This allows you to maintain an element of control as a caregiver, and can take the sting out of surprising challenges you encounter and also improve the care that you provide.

Following are some important facts to consider when approaching your role as a loving caregiver for someone with dementia. This acronym can help you remember what it takes to be a good caregiver:

Compassion, Attentiveness, Reality, Empathy

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December Newsletter for Memory Care and Dementia

Greetings from the Executive Director Nathan Benoit!

doylestown memory care newsletter december 2019Christmas has always been a magical time of the year. It brings families together to celebrate and enjoy their time together. The weather begins to turn and the snow begins to fall; that is when you know Christmas is on its way. Christmas is the time of year when we all come together as one and feel so grateful for everyone.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of year from even when I was a child. I remember waking up early on the morning of Christmas in my Christmas pajamas I got the night before. I remember running down the steps to our family room where the Christmas tree was and feeling so much joy at once.
I remember sitting at the table during Christmas dinner and looking around at the great feast we were about to enjoy—from the ham, mashed potatoes and vegetables all the way to the delicious desserts.

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Respite Care: A Rest for Caregivers

depression or loneliness
Caring for a loved one who is sick or disabled takes a lot of time and can begin to feel like a burden. You have enough love to share, but do you have enough time and energy? You can become so engrossed with the patient's needs that your needs fall by the wayside. Caregivers should never feel guilty about wanting time for themselves. Taking time off is a healthy choice. This is where respite care comes in handy.

Respite care is just what it sounds like — You get a respite from your duties to take care of yourself while your loved one continues to get good care. Respite care can be as short or as long as you need it. Professionals who are trained in caring for elderly and special-needs people can take over their care while you get refreshed.

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