Pennsylvania is one of the states with the highest populations of seniors. Locally in the Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia areas there are many activities and programs to keep older adults safe. Depending on many factors a senior can get to a stage in life where it is not healthy for them to be at home alone. These things include mobility (inside and outside the home), proper nutrition, mental health, medication management and more. A major factor that is often overlooked is the need for humans to socialize. Socialization is good for the spirit, and for some individuals it is a vital part of their life.

senior friendsEspecially in Pennsylvania, where winters can be long and depressing and wintry conditions can keep residents at home, socialization becomes important. Having social stimulation keeps the immune system strong and the body healthy.

A recent study by the University of Chicago found that “People who do not have frequent interaction with others are 14 percent more likely to die early as they appear to have much lower levels of white blood cells in their body.”

One way to overcome isolation in the senior population is to relocate to senior housing. Within the realm of senior housing there are many options. These include senior apartments, personal care homes and assisted living communities. These living arrangements offer varying levels of personal care for individuals who need help with activities of daily living. From a social aspect, neighbors, activities and programs surround the resident. Many senior living facilities, like The Village at Palmerton, have an activities director to keep residents busy with crafts, exercise and hobbies. Additionally, there are outings like going to church, shopping, dining out, concerts and entertainment. In senior living, daily activities like meals can be enjoyed with friends and others. Residents are presented with numerous options to stay physically and mentally busy.

There is a myth that everyone wants to stay at home. While this is true for many people, there are individuals who prefer the simplicity of apartment living and having free time to pursue hobbies and activities surrounded by others. No one likes change, or moving, but in many cases change is needed for physical, mental and social reasons.

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